Why DIY can be BAD

Yes we’ve all seen the “Build Your Own Professional Website” (just buy our product).  We’ll if you know how code works, understand the limitations and don’t mind your most important Storefront looking amateurish, go for it!  But know, that is just what your likely to get along with a boat load of frustration.

Most DIY systems are designed in a manner that restricts the user from editing directly in the code so they don’t input badly written or malicious code.  This is all fine and good but it also limits the customization of the development, restricting it to basic functions and a few pre-built features.  Often they restrict to some specific templates designed  to work specifically with their technology on their server.  This forces users to buy their hosting and other packages if they want to use the services they offer.

Due to the restrictive nature of the DIY development concept, sites built on them often look very simplistic and common.  This is not the impression most businesses would like to give their potential customers. DIY can often lead to visitors thinking the site is a fly by night hustle or it is a mom and pop organization that does not place emphasis on quality.

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